When photographers Linda Bergonia and Erin Zhoushi hung out their shingle as Chromacity Studios in mid-2012, their boutique south side studio had a distinct point of view.  Chromacity would embrace color at its core; boldly capturing stories of life, love, family, and food through its spirited lens.  The two share an eye for work that showcases bright color and motion, resulting in photographs that are saturated with energy and spirit.

Zoushi, with her years of experience in high fashion and portrait photography coupled with Bergonia’s food photography background, allow them to approach each project in tandem, fusing two artistic points of view and lending their individual eye to the others area of expertise for the very best result.

Chromacity Studios is located in the Zhou B Art Center and specializes in portrait, product work and food photography.


Linda Bergonia

Chromacity Studios is a culmination of Linda Bergonia’s many careers, interests and a lifetime of creativity. Linda earned her Masters Degree in Business from Northwestern University and pursued a career in international banking during the first leg of her professional life. After years of success in the financial arena, Linda’s avid sense of curiosity and relentless creativity drew her to pursue a career 180° with passion and a sense of adventure.  She produced an independent film by Joe Chappelle, attended Chicago’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, and earned her degree in Photography from Harrington College of Design.  These varied experiences have served her well both at Chromacity Studios where she focuses on food and product photography, and at her media and marketing collective, FollowSpot.  To work with Linda, you can reach her here.


Erin Zhoushi

Erin is Chromacity Studios’ resident free spirit. Having traveled the globe for half a decade, Erin returned Stateside with an insatiable taste for the bold, colorful, and multicultural.  Channeling this passion for everything eccentric and extraordinary by capturing her inspirations through the lens of a camera became a career path to consider. And so she did. After earning her BFA in Photography from Columbia College, Erin’s eye for the unique led her to a career as a high fashion and portrait photographer.  Today, you can find Erin at Chromacity Studios, specializing in portrait photography with personality. To work with Erin, you can reach her here.